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Internships in India

By joining a Pave internship in India, you are ensuring that you gain a value adding experience that maximises your potential. You will be given a variety of tasks in the company you work for that will allow you to develop your personal and professional skillset and give you capabilities to work and interact within a new culture.

Pave provided me with an incredible opportunity to develop my skills and engage with new cultures during my internship with them. I had the chance to work with Once Upon a Doug, an up-and-coming social enterprise that is empowering cotton farmers in India, who got me involved with branding, business development and strategy. I would recommend anyone who is interested in getting very high-quality and international work experience - in interesting areas of work - to get involved with Pave

Robbie Griffey

Why intern with Pave?

Relevant international experience

Gain a practical insight into the Indian economy and an international context to industry practice and characteristics.

Skills for the Future

Develop transferable skills that are needed to succeed in the future and understand what makes India a key player in the global economy.

Global professional network

Build a strong international network through engaging and socialising with international professionals relevant to your future career.

Self Concept Clarity

Become more self aware through being positively challenged and being out of your comfort zone.

What’s included in a Pave internship?

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